Acknowledgment Original Washington Wireless LLC.

To be filled out and signed by the customer.


Please read this agreement carefully.

I, <Your Name>, approve the payment of <Amount USD > to be paid in favour of Washington Wireless LLC. for <Plan> subscription of technical support services rendered on my Computer device(s)on <Date> I am fully aware that Washington Wireless. is a third party service and is not associated with any brand unless specified. I have read and understood the terms and conditions, privacy policy and the disclaimer before payment has been authorized. I have verified that my device is completely functional after the services were rendered and before signing this document. I am completely aware that Washington Wireless. does not provide backup copies or support of installation of unlicensed software.

I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that I have a licensed copy of all necessary software and I am also of all responsible for maintaining all of the following: Back up information and data, Text Messages, Emails, Any other material, data or software owned by me.

I acknowledge and agree that Washington Wireless. or its partners have no responsibility or legal liability under any circumstances at any time for the loss or corruption of any of the following: customer data, software, or hardware that may arise out of services provided or due to a hardware malfunction.

I also understand that the services provided to me are AS IS and there are NO other warranties provided for services rendered. However, I am aware of the fact that if I experience a problem with the services provided to me on this day then I would have to email the provider of services at and call 1(855) 864-9937 within thirty (30) business days from the date of sale to raise a ticket with Washington Wireless LLC .

Washington Wireless 247 will use commercially reasonable efforts to try to resolve the problem at no additional charge. If those efforts are unsuccessful, Washington Wireless LLC. Will provide a reasonable refund for fees charged at the discretion of Washington Wireless.

<Your Name>

Washington Wireless LLC.
USA 1(855) 864-9937

Disclaimer: All products provided will be supported for the length of the license provided.
We ask that you contact us for any issues with billing or any services provided. All charges MUST be disputed within 30 calendar days for refund to be considered. Refunds (including partial refunds) are subject to the decision of Washington Wireless Management. For any questions please email us at or call
+1(855) 864-9937